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The leading Australian cooktop supplier & manufacturer for 35 years.

Welcome to A’Vard Industries Pty Ltd, we are an Australian owned and operated company and have been in business for over 25 Years. We are committed to customer service, after sales support and hold current ISO 9001 2008 accreditation.

Goldline’s proud innovation heritage is founded on a pioneering spirit and a desire for change and challenge to conventional appliances.

A’Vard Industries PTY LTD combine 2 sub-divisions. One, specialising in the manufacture of gas cooktops including the supply and distribution of the Goldline brand. A’Vard Industries PTY LTD also currently produces OEM cooktops for many world recognised brands in the marketplace. The second division is the sale, supply and wholesale of Fully Frameless Glass Fencing that carries the AVI Glass branding.

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Designing stove top solutions to household problems since 1985.

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The leader of quality, stylish, and affordable glass pool fencing in Melbourne. We offer high-quality glass fencing solutions that are durable and stylish and are compliant with the safety standards. Our glass fencing can increase the value of your property by giving it a luxury appeal while providing lasting results, regardless of the changing seasons.

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How it all Started

Our Company History

The original origins of my company began in the mid 70’s when I received my discharge from the R.A.N. after nine years of service.

I established the foundation of my company as a Registered builder catering mainly to the Asian community here in Australia. My clients were always saying to me that the cooktops on the market here, were not sufficiently powerful enough nor was the layout conducive to optimum usage of all the burners.

I grew up in a family of ten & always observed my mother juggling the pots and pans on her 4 burner upright cooker & thinking that there must be a better way.

These two observations spurred me to actually doing something and in 1991 I launched the very first three burner cooktop with two wok burners onto the market.

Sales were quite slow & in 1992 I sent a sample overseas to a very large corporation in Hong Kong who had seen my cooker on display here whilst their marketing manager was here on a visit to Australia. Within a few years, sales had jumped to $4 million a year.

In 1996 we were a finalist in two sections of the Telstra business awards followed by the Premiers business awards, HSBC Business awards and the Australian Chamber of commerce awards, Pursuit of excellence of the Victorian Government and the Hong Kong Australia Business association awards.

Our exports continued to grow and we were exporting to Taiwan, Thailand, Mauritius, Singapore and Malaysia.

The product range has expended from that first model to more than 14 different models, always maintaining that criteria I observed year ago as a young man observing my mother and listening to my clients.

Today we are proud of the fact that we are still a family owned and operated business, operating in a very competitive marketplace.

Company Values

A’Vard Industries is committed to building enduring business relationships based on trust, confidence and mutual respect.

Moving Forward Beyond 2020

Our philosophy has proven successful in exporting our products to Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Taiwan for many years with both the Goldline brand and major European brands as their reliable and committed OEM supplier.


Let outstanding results do the talking, strive to excel


Say what we do and do what we say, respect, honesty & trust.


Together we are a team, divided we fall, have each other’s back, we are family (tribe).

Service efficiency

Going an extra mile, respect, care, consistency, efficiency and appreciation. Take care of others needs and ours will be taken care of.


Willingness to evolve, to be inspired, innovate and open to new ideas.

Awards & Recognitions

A’Vard Industries is committed to building enduring business relationships based on trust, confidence and mutual respect.

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